Hetti Hubert-Schwall
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In the circle of the four elements

Art project for Energy Union it´s time

Press statement

The work of the artist Hetti Schubert-Schwall has long focused on a solidarity between mankind and nature. This idea is reflected in her paintings and performances. Some of the essencial artwork are the paintings depicting the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. As the basic elements of life they have two different meanings – in a real and a figurative sense – and therfore form both a circle as well as a cycle.   The human being finds himself at the centre of the circle, where he can find his bearings and orient himself. In the cycle, he is part of nature, the four cardinal directions, the climate and renewable energy sources.

During the Energy Union tour through the countries of the EU, some of the paintings from the Four Elements are hung above the stage as huge banners, showing segments of the circle and the cycle of the elements as a reminder of the primary cycle of life.                        

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